Women of all ages

It’s not time for Back to School already, is it?
Thankfully no. We still have plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine, read a good book, go swimming, or whatever we do to rest, relax and refill our energy level. And while we’re enjoying a slower pace, let’s enjoy the thought of some ways to refresh our spirit throughout the year. One of the best ways for us women to refresh is to pray together, and study our Bible together and enjoy each other’s company. So let’s do this:

Women of all ages, we are invited to sit, pray, and share our reflections using the book Girlfriends: Exploring Women’s Relationships in the Bible. We don’t already have to be girlfriends. We don’t all have to be members of Pennsburg, UCC. You don’t have to be old, you don’t have to be young (you can be either or in-between!!) You are welcome to invite friends. We’re all busy these days, but lets try to come together for an hour. I’m suggesting we meet on Thursday at 4:30pm – so you’ll be home in time for dinner. But if you have a better time in mind, please, please, please let me know. I’m flexible!

Try the Y Day

PENNSBURG UCC "TRY THE Y DAY" August 30, 2015. The Upper Perk YMCA invites you to come and tour the Y and use their facilities for a "Try the Y Day". Join the Y that day, they will waive the joiner fee (up to $150 savings)! Here is the schedule for the day -

Gym A
7 - 9 am - Open gym
11 - 1pm - Nerf club, ages 5-10
1 - 6pm - open gym

Gym B
7am - 6pm - open gym

Program Pool (Indoor)
7 - 9 am - open swim
9 - 5:30pm - Family swim

Family Fun Pool (Indoor)
9 - 5:30pm - family swim

Lap Pool (Indoor)
5 lanes - lap swim
1 lane - water exercise
7am - 5:30pm

Outdoor Pools
11 - 5:30pm

Adult Fitness Classes
8 - 9am - Les Mills Body Attack
8:30 - 9:15am - Cycle
9 - 10am - Les Mills Body Combat
10:10 - 11:10am - Les Mills Body Pump
10:30 - 11:30am - Power Yoga
11 - 11:45am - Cycle
12 - 1pm - Pilates